Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Disappearing Camera Mystery Solved

My camera miraculously appeared. It was sitting on my kitchen counter. Hmm. It's funny I didn't see it there before, since I spend most of the hours of my day in the kitchen.

I checked to see what I had for photos. Most of the photos here I don't remember taking. But I do tend to forget things from time to time. Let's see, what were my reasons for taking these?

Oh, yes, I remember. I was standing at the bottom of my stairs looking up at the vacuum cleaner. You know that feeling you get after your vacuuming is done? That feeling of clean. That feeling of accomplishing something. This was one of those rare days I accomplished a task the same day I started. I wanted to document this monumental moment.

And this one, I must have wanted a close up of the carpet style. This is in case we ever need to make an insurance claim. We can prove we had that speckled shaggy stuff.

I always like to take photos from "down here" at about the 3' 6"-4' level. About Duchess and Maiden's height. It gives me a better view of what my little ones see every day.

Then there's the photo of the shoe laces. I'm really having trouble remembering why I took this one.

Now I remember, I was trying to get a shot of the pretty pink backs. Pink has always been my favorite color.

This was another shot to remind me how hard it is to be a person of shorter stature. This is the doorway at the bottom of the stairs. The doorknob is extra high due to fact that the door is on a step. I need to be reminded that the little ones can't always open this door to get upstairs. Doesn't it look out of reach from this angle? That's the effect I was trying to achieve.

Boy, am I ever glad I was able to remember why I took these photos. I was beginning to think I was losing it!

Have a Blessed Day!


  1. I had a feeling one of those 2 must have had it! I am waiting for pictures of your basement!!!!!

  2. Her I thought your children might have taken the picts! I have things disappear now, and I am afraid it is my being just over 4o something that is the problem :)!

    This made me want to look around my house at my two year olds eye level. Looking dowwwwn the srairs may be pretty scary!

  3. It IS a little bit interesting to see the world from their perspective! :) Glad the camera returned. :)

  4. Andrew does this quite often too.

    Some of the things I find are so funny.

  5. Crazy... Maybe your ages is catching up with you??


  6. OK, that was really funny. Thanks for the laugh.


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