Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Pita Bread Lesson

This year for Labor Day we had some family and friends over. The King grilled leg of lamb and Dutch oven chicken. I love pita bread with my leg of lamb, but have become a pita bread snob in recent years. I can't stand the preservative flavor in the store bought stuff. Solution: Bake your own! Here is the rolling out process.

Next, bake on individual foil sheets in a 500 degree oven. The pita will "puff" up. It only takes a few minutes to bake, but I can only fit 6 in each oven at a time, so it gets a little time consuming.

I cut each one almost immediately to expose the pocket. I don't know if I let them set for a while if they would deflate, so I cut them right away. I had really good luck baking this batch. I made 50 full pitas and only 4 didn't puff. A record for me.


  1. MMMM....looks really good! Now you really remind me of your mom...she was always making homemade bread!

    You didn't cook Viv in the Dutch Oven Chicken did you??!!

  2. Congrats on your record!

    This is something I would be interested in doing (well, maybe not 50! ;) ) - would you be willing to share your recipe?

  3. Yum those look great! I would love to try to make my own. I love trying to make new things. So are you going to share your recipe with us :)?

    Have a great day!


  4. May I add my "mmmm..."?? They look so flaky and yummy!!

    (Taking one to park day next week? I am SURE you need a taste tester. *wink*)

    Yes, I laminated my lapbooks. I have found that my kids love to look at our lapbooks and they hold up so much better if they are laminated. I use contact paper, rather than laminate, because I find that it is heavier and easier to handle. If I had a laminator, I may think differently... Laminating paper is hard to work with.
    I look forward to seeing your lapbooks!! And, yes, a family lapbook works out great! That way everyone has a pieve of themselves included. The kids like seeing their stuff, along with their siblings', in one place. :o)

    Blessings, Beckie

  5. Hi - just taking time to read though your blog -- that "Kitty" chicken story was great - I love reading your writing!

    Can I get this recipe from you? I used to have one for my moms old breadmaker and miss making pitas.

    Also, Seriously... grinding wheat? Do you grow it to grind it and what is all involved in the process? My kids finally dont complain when I feed them cracked wheat whole grain bread... :)


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