Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm a Size 5

"I can't wear this, it's a size 4. I need a size 5. Ugh. Why can't I ever find my size?"

I know, you're probably thinking, What's she complaining about? She's had six children and can't fit into her 4's anymore. Cry me a river.

EXCEPT...that complaint was not coming from my bedroom this morning. It came from Duchess' room. She's five years old. Everything in her life revolves around being five. She knows what the number five looks like. Five is like a magic number for her. If she locates a five on a sign, price, envelope, or in a book, she squeals with delight. "A five, I'm five too!"

She has recently realized that most of her clothes have a four in them. She does not like being a 4. She wants to wear a size 5 even though fives are too big. She does not understand that her age and her clothing don't have to be the same.

I am glad my age and clothing size don't match. I'd be a 39. It's bad enough that I'm a size...never mind. Let's just say I wish I could be a size five too. Well Duchess, I guess we both have something to complain about. I don't like my size either.

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  1. I don't like my size either...I really should do something about it....maybe tomorrow!


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