Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rockin' Girl Blogger

Theresa nominated me for the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. Thank you, I am so honored. Just when I was starting to think I wasn't popular in this blogging world....I don't know much about these awards, so someone will have to tell me where I can collect my winning$.

She stumbled across my blog after visiting Lisa's where I had left a comment. While looking looking at my pictures, she realized she knew who I was. Theresa and I met at home school park day about a month ago. We talked a little curriculum, Biblical kids names, people we know in common, and you guessed it....blogs. I had not started one yet so I think it's pretty neat she found me. (I am supposed to pass this on, but I don't really have that many blogger friends.)

The one person I have to nominate is my cousin Chris (Frazzled Farm Wife). She got me into this blogging addiction. She lives near where I grew up so I it's fun to see photos of the "locals" and the area. I love being able to keep up on her life on a daily basis.

The other person I visit regularly is Lisa. Her blog is so uplifting to me. She is a home school mom too. Talking to her in person is just as uplifting to me. She's already been nominated by Theresa. Just so you know Lisa, I would have picked you too!


  1. Thanks for the nomination! Congrats on yours too....see, I told you this would be fun!

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I feel the same towards you!!


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