Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Cardinal

We have a new red friend who has been frequenting our Birdie Cafe. Can you see him perched in the tree?

This is the view out my front window. I can sit on my sofa and watch 'my' birds filling their bellies at the feeders. Mr. Cardinal is a handsome addition to the dreary winter background of our yard. Mrs. Cardinal, not as colorful, but just as exciting to see, joins him from time to time. Usually, she just stays home and tends to her nest keeping duties. She's busy decorating the nursery in hopes of hatching some little ones this spring.

Mr. Cardinal gets tired of watching his wife fluttering around nesting, so he comes to the Cafe to roost with his buddies. He and his friends are very respectful when they are at our Birdie Cafe. They never use fowl language around my children, and they always clean up after themselves, feather dusting the area before they go.

I hope Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal (and all their friends) continue to descend upon our Birdie Cafe. They are a bright spot in my day and make me thankful that I don't migrate south for the winter.

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  1. How lucky are you? We are further North..so we rarely see them. I enlarged your photo..what a bright spot in a snowy day:)

  2. I've never seen one before... that's a priceless pic


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