Thursday, January 7, 2010

I think I'm a mermom

My Maiden is a dreamer. She threw money in a wishing well a few months ago and made a wish. She's waiting for it to come true. The wish? That she could be a princess and we could live in a castle. The poor girl gets her fantasizer gene from me. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed make believe and pretend play, unless of course, a person gets so caught up in their fantasies they base their entire blog around a fairy tale.

Lately this little girl has been curious about mermaids and has asked me the following questions. "Mom, if I turn into a mermaid will I have a green tail? Mom, what do mermaids eat? Mom, if I am a mermaid would I call you mermom? Mom, don't you wish we were mermaids?"

Being a mom who loves to add fuel to an overactive imagination creative mind, I decided to look into mermaids for her. First of all, I was surprised to find out that they are real. Did you know that? There plenty of websites out there that say so, and I believe everything I read on the internet. One woman has even personally interviewed mermaids. Here are some facts I am going to share with Maiden:

1. They love salads made with seaweed and other plants from the sea.
2. They love sushi because it is wrapped in Nori (dried seaweed).
3. They are prone to salty foods.
4. They like sweets too, especially things that have mer-ingue.
5. They give birth to their babies. They don't lay eggs like other fish.
6. They need their beauty sleep.
7. They love the beach.
8. They love to sing.
9. They love to swim.
10. They are a mixed breed.

After compiling my research, I am pretty sure I'm a mermaid. I'm even a mixed breed: Norwegian and Swedish. I am a Norwedish Mermaid. Finally. I know who I really am. I can't wait to tell Maiden. Then she can call me mermom and live in a whole new fantasy world for a while.


  1. Yep, I am pretty sure she gets that imagination from you!

  2. So, how do they go to the bathroom? That's what I've always wanted to know about mermaids.

  3. Wonderful imaginations..both of you! :)

  4. So cute! My almost 4 year old is obsessed with mermaids too. She draws tons of pics of them "for you, Mommy!". The other day, she drew some pictures of doggies on leashes "we both have doggies, Mommy". I asked her why the doggies had mermaid tails on them. She looked at me like I was crazy. See, I've told the children MANY times (when they ask "why can't we have a dog?") that the only way I'll give in to a dog is if they make a sneezeless, poopless one. So, she told me that what I saw as mermaid tails were a special kind of bottom they had for making them NOT poop! I guess they do wonder about that little factiod about do they go to the bathroom? Well, Mari thinks maybe they just DON'T!


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