Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Wheels

Jouster bought his first car. It is a 1993 Toyota Camry. He took our advice and lowered his standards to buy something with cash, rather than taking out a loan and making payments. We have adopted the idea of paying cash for all our vehicles. We choose to not go into debt.

Since we made the decision to buy our vehicles with cash, we've found that it's a whole lot easier to buy on credit than to pay for it up front. I don't know why. But when you've worked so hard to save, it suddenly becomes harder to let that money go.
Jouster realized that as he was looking. He had originally wanted something a little more sporty but as he researched used vehicles, he found that Camry's can accumulate many, many miles. He had more money, and could have bought something a little newer, but chose to hold on to some of his savings.
I'm proud of my son. He's becoming a very wise young man!


  1. Great lesson for him! Maybe I should take a few lessons from you and him!!!!!!!!

  2. Way to go! Drive safe, always wear your seatbelt!! :)

  3. What a smart guy! I'm sure that lesson will stick with him for life.


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