Thursday, May 7, 2009


Our chickens are laying eggs like crazy! We have an over abundance of beautifully colored eggs. I am trying to use as many as I can in recipes, but could use some help. Do any of you have recipes that call for a lot of eggs? We could use some more variety in the egg department. I have about 12 dozen in the refrigerator at any given time--so I really need to use them up!

Here is what I do with them now:

Egg bake (I have many different types of egg bake recipes)
Egg salad sandwiches (not a big favorite of the kids)
Hard boiled eggs (the kids love these for snacks)
Scrambled egg burritos
Deviled eggs
Plain old fried eggs

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I've got the milk, you've got the eggs, I do wish we lived closer. We drive about 30 minutes to get milk some weeks. Every other week it's only 15 minutes when we meet for co-op.

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  3. Impossibly Easy Ham Apple Cheddar Pie (its a Bisquick recipe)

    I was thinking this took 4 eggs but once I looked it up it was 2 eggs. For your size family, though, you would want to double/triple this and use a 9x13 pan, probably. This reheats really well. I've never tried freezing it.

  4. check out - curry eggs over rice - how exciting does that sound?!?!?

    - Rapunzel

  5. I use eggs as a way to use up leftovers. I'll toss leftover greens, beans, and other veggies in with eggs and scramble. My favorite is probably spinach, tomatoes, and egg whites, topped with a sprinkling of sharp cheddar or feta.

    I'm so amazed by the fact that you have *chickens.* Chickens! In your backyard! (I'm a city girl, can you tell?)

  6. Make some eggs in a basket! Slice of bread, cut a hole in the middle, put in butterd heated fry pan, put an egg in the hole, dip the hole in the egg white..fry them up on both sides..almost instant girls loved them:)

  7. Egg Salad with ham. Make the egg salad like you normally would and add in ham (I run mine through the food processer so it's pretty fine) but you could just dice it too. My kids aren't huge fans of egg salad either but love this!

  8. Try the butter and egg cake
    2 sticks of butter
    2 c sugar
    1 teas vanilla
    cream the above then
    add alternating
    5 eggs
    2 cups flour
    If you want you can add 1 cup chopped pecans dreged in 2 T flour
    mix it all and pour in a
    greased and floured bundt pan bake for
    an hour at 350. This cake is great without any frosting at all.

  9. German pancakes take about a dozen eggs for a double batch!
    6 eggs
    1 cup milk
    1 cup flour
    1/2 cup sugar

    Mix the milk, flour and sugar together. Beat until smooth. Heat a large non-stick skillet and melt a small amount of butter with it. Pour enough of the pancake batter onto the skillet to cover the whole pan in a thin layer. Once the edges start drying, it's time to flip. Use a large spatula for this. It doesn't take much time on the second side. Continue baking the rest of the pancakes like this.

  10. Hi Michelle!

    MArtha Stewart has a fab buttercreme frosting and lemon curd recipe that are both my standby favorites...they can both be made ahead and frozen and are DELICIOUS...use a TON of eggs



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