Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What's Up With Those Shoes?

I know, you can't believe it...I am posting twice in one day.  But I was going through my photos and found something I couldn't resist sharing with all the world.  I'm hoping my husband will one day find it in his heart to forgive me for this.

Our Friday evening ritual is to go on a date (it keeps the romance alive).  On a more recent date night, we went to our favorite restaurant with the King's Twin and Sister-in-Love.  Afterward we picked up coffees before heading to our house for some highly intelligent conversation mingled with Bob Dylan one liners.

As we were heading to the comfort of the living room I heard, "Michelle, look what I did."  My eyes followed the direction of his index finger and stopped at his feet.  It took a moment for my mind to comprehend the vision before me.  When I realized what he'd done, I became short of breath and my heart wildly began beating out of control.  Within seconds the King's Twin declared, "I can see a blog post coming!"  

He had worn two different colored shoes....OUT IN a restaurant AND to the coffee shop.  Yes folks, I am telling you the truth.  My smooth talking traveling salesperson of a husband came out of the closet (that's kind of funny) that night wearing two different shoes.  

Please don't hold this against him.  It's really quite simple to see how it could happen.  When he finds a comfortable pair of shoes, he buys them in brown and black.  As they begin to wear, he buys those same comfortable shoes again in brown and black.  The really worn ones are reduced to "roam around the farm shoes" while the slightly worn ones convert to "going to town" shoes.  The newest pairs emerge as his "travel, customer visit, and trade show" shoes.

The closet was dark.  In the dark all his duplicate shoes looked the same color.  It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is now 45 and his eyesight is beginning to fail.  Right honey? Honey?  Huh nee?  You'll still love me tomorrow, won't you?


  1. No one noticed..except maybe you! Cute story:)

  2. No forgiveness needed my love. We need to be able to laugh at our selves.

    Great post.

    The King,

  3. Aw, how sweet. I think you'r your explanation makes total sense. Just think how much fun you had laughing about this?


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