Sunday, January 4, 2009


My New Years' Resolution.  For at least 10 1/2 months I will not eat:

A single piece of chocolate fudge with nuts.

Or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cookie.

Nor will I eat one more raspberry thumbprint cookie.

Or a piece of divinity.

The brown sugar fudge is also off limits....

along with the lefse.  

And last but not least:  I will not attend, host, or dream about another cookie exchange....until November of 2009.

Goodbye my sweet holiday lips will miss hips will not.


  1. The sweets look soooooo "saaaweet"! I did some this year too...usually that is Rochelle's job but she didn't want to do it this year. I need some practice, mine didn't look too good but they tasted ok. I want to make lefse one of these years too.....I just LOVE lefse!

  2. I haven't eaten any of those things for about six years. Food allergies really suck the joy out of Christmas treats. A blessing or a curse, depending on where you're standing, i.e. on the scale or off.

    I bet the girls had fun helping you.



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