Friday, January 9, 2009

Reading is Fun!

The other day I was asking Scribe and Squire, subject by subject, if all their independent school work was completed for the day.  Math was done, Bible was done, Language Arts was done. 
When I asked about their reading assignments,  Scribe looked at me and said, "Reading can't be part of school because I do it for fun.  That would be like saying eating candy is your supper."


  1. Too cute! Wishing my kiddo would think that!

  2. How lucky that he likes to read. I have one that does and one that does not!

  3. Well done, Michelle! Wouldn't we love our kids to all be readers :)!

  4. He sounds just like my 10 year old son. He can't wait until I let him lose from his school day so he can go and read. I never even have to ask anymore.

    He looks so cute reading his books!


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