Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Back Yard Ice Rink

Today it is a sunny 18° and Great White is not stuck in the snow.  Quite a change from last week when it was -34° and Great White couldn't move.  Not being able to go anywhere for four days wasn't so bad.  It brought out the innovative side of Squire.  

One morning when he was out doing chores, he decided he needed to make a skating rink for Duchess since we weren't able to go to town and use the ice arena.  How would she ever keep up on her skating skills if she didn't have adequate practice time?  
He was a big ice cube when he came in the house.

He was grinning from ear to ear when he told Duchess what he had done for her.  She was so excited and couldn't wait to try out her very own ice skating rink.

He even helped her lace up her skates.  As he sent her out the door he told her,  "Be careful, it might be a little lumpy...the water kept freezing before I could smooth it out."

But she didn't seem to mind...the lumpy ice or the -34° wind chill.  She skated until she couldn't feel her nose or cheeks. 
 Then she came in to warm up just long enough to go out and skate some more.  To say she was thrilled with his gift to her would be an understatement.  She couldn't thank him enough.  Way to go Squire!  You are the big brother of every little girl's dreams.


  1. New reader :)

    I had a backyard ice rink for a few years, using a special hose attachment as a Zamboni.

    And your family is ridiculously beautiful.


  2. That's so sweet! More water will help smooth things out. Also the warmer temps.

    Tell Duchess I love to skate, too, and keep asking myself, "Is 18 months to young to learn to ice skate?"


  3. You should definately post about Duchess' reaction to the Inaguration!


  4. You've brought your kids up right - thinking of others before themselves. Squire gave even though it costs him being cold & frozen from the water, but his reward was the reaction of Dutchess. You are such a good writer - you should write a book.
    Debra L.


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