Monday, December 29, 2008

I Need a Beeper

Not a pager.  I need a beeper on my camera.  Something like my cordless phone where I push the button on the base and the handset beeps to tell me where it is hiding.  Isn't that a great idea?  I could use a beeper on purse, my car keys, and my sunglasses.  But the more serious problem at the moment is locating my camera.

It has it's own home.  Life is easier if there is a place fore everything and everything in it's place.  Simple concept.  I thought once I'd found a permanent place for my picture taker, I'd have no more problems.  But I do.  The problem seems to lie within my younger children.  Prince Charming has realized he likes to look at himself on the viewing screen and will push any and all buttons to try to get a peek at his sweet little mug.  He tends to leave it in places I would not think to look, like with his toys, under the sofa, or in a basket of books.

I have also found my camera filled with photos from the little girls after a photo session, so Prince Charming is not the only one to blame.  Close ups of eyes, ears, noses, you name it, those girls like to see life one piece at a time.  It may be they will one day photograph for a living.  But that time has not yet come.  I am not humored by the many up the nose or in the mouth shots.  Don't believe me?  How's this for proof?

Then there's my middle boys who have found that making videos of themselves, their siblings, their lego creations, or their clay sculptures is a great hobby.  I frequently find home movies taking up memory space.  Maybe they will be the next Ron Howard, Kevin Costner, or George Lucas in movie making and give me a comfortable life in my retirement.  But for now, there is nothing worse than thinking I am taking a great picture, a once in a lifetime award winning photograph, a photograph that could bring great riches and fame, only to hear, "beep, beep, beep" and read 'memory card full'.  

Did you read that?  It does have the ability to beep, just not for the reasons I'd like.  I need to call Canon and give them my idea of locating devices in cameras.  For now this will have to do, "Camera.  Cam-er-uh.  Where are you?  Come out come out wherever you are.  I have a few blog readers who'd like to see pictures of our Christmas." 


  1. LOL....I know where my camera is and I didn't take very many pictures. I get caught up in the activity and totally forget!

  2. LOL.....I have thought many times of getting those key finder things that beep. You put them on your key ring then press the remote and it beeps. Not for my keys, but everything else!!! My luck, I would need a beeper to find the remote for the beeper!! lol

  3. Maybe they need their own camera! Those self portraits and what they find interesting to photograph can be very revealing! Hope your Christmas was great and Happy New Year! :)


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