Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Q&A Part IV--Finally

Oops! I wrote and saved this at the beginning of March and never posted it. No wonder you guys didn't comment on my sweet, loving, best friend daughters in the video below!

Here are the final question and answers:

How far do you live from me?--Nickernoodle 154 miles--east.

What made you start blogging?--Merideth Teagarden I started blogging because I enjoy writing. I also wanted a way to share our days with family who live far away.

From Ashley Winters:

What is your secret to a happy marriage? As long as I get my way, I'm usually happy.

Okay, I'll be serious. I have to give most of the credit to my husband. He seriously takes to heart, 'never let the sun go down on your anger'. I come from a long line of stubborn Scandinavians and would rather stay angry for days, but The King won't let me. He makes sure any issues between us are resolved before the day ends.

Do your children ever fight? You be the judge. Here's a video of my girls. I was trying to tape Duchess singing a song and her sister tried to get in on the action. The result wasn't pretty. I should have kept taping but I was afraid they would seriously maim each other. My two oldest don't fight, and never really did. The two middle boys get into an occasional tiff, but these two girls...

What do you do for fun when your kids are sleeping? I play my children's Webkinz and make them a ton of kinz cash. As of today, they have over 9,000 to spend! I rock at Webkinz! I wish I could figure out how to make money that fast in real life.

Any other fun I have while the children are sleeping is strictly confidential!

In person questions:

Did you ever get a 'real' diamond for your anniversary?

Yes, I did. Isn't The King wonderful? All of my hints really paid off.

Hmm....I am going to be 40 soon. I wonder what amazing gift he will surprise me with then. (My King, that's a hint!)

How come you haven't posted any photos of your basement progress? Up until recently, I had been discouraged with our basement progress moving so slowly, but now we are nearly finished. I will post photos soon.

Who is Rapunzel? She is a dear friend of mine. I was trying to remember about how long we've been friends, and I think it has been at least 12 years now. Wow! We try to meet at least once a month for coffee and to wander through our local quilt shop. I named her Rapunzel because she recently cut off all her hair to donate to locks of love. She won't let me post a photo of her until her hair grows back. (I'll see if I can get one before then.)

How is Jouster doing? He goes through some ups and downs...times when he's fine to be there and other times when he wants to leave.
He recently completed level one of four in the program. He was very pleased with his accomplishment.
His school is going well and he thinks he will be able to finish his senior year by the time he completes the program, which is next February.

He's been spending as much time as allowed working out in the weight room. He also does four sets of twenty push ups and sit ups every night before he goes to bed.
The little kids love to have him flex his muscles for them. He certainly looks a lot healthier now than he did two and a half months ago.
I still miss him like crazy and look forward to our Saturday visits.


  1. Thanks for all the effort and the time to write all of that, nice to hear the facts, VERY nice rock...wewhooo... that IS one nice King you got there....

    And so happy Jouster is doing ok...my thoughts are with you!
    You and he are SO doing the right thing...a life of addiction is NO life.Courage to you all, and thanks for sharing!

  2. I never thought I would have the honor of being quoted :! Thank you!

    I love the video! What a funny, real life moment!! And it was nice to catch up with you guys. Michelle, did I miss somewhere that you have a son in treatment? Oh, my heart goes out to you and I am so sorry your boy is hurting and living away, but it sounds like you have him in the right place for healing.

    May God be very near to you, I am reminded of the verse in the Bible that says God is near to those with young. May you be comforted, surrounded by encouragers, and may God be ever so near to your boy!

    As a mom, my heart aches to imagine the journey you have been on and I am sending you a big (((((hug)))) and praying for you too.!

  3. This is my first trip up the stairs since my new journey began on Good Friday...thanks for your prayers and support! Your friendship is important to me....big meeting with Onconologist today (the first) after the a trip to the zoo to see the new primate exhibit..will e posting this journey for all to share and learn.

  4. Love your new ring....GORGEOUS, way to go King!

    I just got a new computer and haven't set everything up yet...will have to come back and watch the video.

  5. Finally got to watch the video, got my flash player going.....OMG, they crack me up. I am glad to see mine aren't the only ones that fight like that.


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