Thursday, March 13, 2008

Naughty Curls

This past weekend my girls had their annual ice show. They loved getting all dolled up and into costume. Duchess seemed to let the 'beauty' go to her head. After getting ready for the first show, she starting making comments about herself that troubled me. I had to give her the 'beauty comes from within talk'. She seemed to understand, especially after I threatened to wash out the glitter spray and curls if she couldn't be more humble.

When I was curling her hair for the third and final show, Duchess started to cry. "No more curls mom. They make me naughty." I was amazed that this five year old had wisdom beyond her years. Deep down, she knew that this prideful spirit in how she looked was not right. I felt a little bad. Maybe I had been too harsh when we had our talk the day before. Maybe she liked how she looked with curls and thought that liking how she looked was making her naughty. I told her that I could tell she was no longer being prideful about her curls and that I was proud of her for seeming so humble. "Don't worry", I said as I continued fixing her hair, "I don't think you are being naughty."

She looked at me like I was growing a horn out of the top of my head. "Mom, please, no more curls. It hurts when you brush my hair with curls, they make my hair knotty."


  1. "oh" said mom, deflating.

    That is too cute. And totally something that would happen 'round here.

    She is beautiful!

  2. What a cutie and a smart one too!

    Cheryl wanted me to tell you that she stops by and reads your blog and really enjoys it. She just doesn't comment....maybe we can get her to if we give her enough grief!!!!

  3. Too funny! I think it is cute that you misunderstood her at the beginning! ;)


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