Sunday, March 2, 2008

First of the Q & A

Why can't I find my socks unless I first ask you my Queen?--The King

I often ask myself the same question, my love. I don't understand why you ask me a lot of things like, "Where is my drill?" "Do you know where I put my gloves?" "Have you seen my black dress pants?" "Where is the coconut?" "Did you find a new place for the ketchup?" "Didn't you know I used the last of the coffee yesterday?" I think it is because you long to hear my lovely voice. Or you like to irritate me. I think I'll go with the lovely voice answer.

I would like to know more about your Christian testimony, and I always like to hear about the church people attend.--Dawn

I grew up in a Lutheran church and never knew what a personal relationship with the Lord meant. When I was 16 I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior (at a Lowell Lundstrom Crusade). I didn't know what to do with my new found faith, and did not keep in contact with the person who was assigned to disciple me. I soon forgot about what I had done. My husband and I were married three years later. Neither one of us was living our lives for the Lord.

My husband became a believer while I was in Desert Storm, but I was not convinced it was what I wanted for my life. After struggling for a number of years, I realized that I had a renewed interest in the Lord, and longed to know him more. (I am so thankful God did not quit pursuing me and that my hubby put up with me being a pain in the hind end for so many years.) I always thought you had to know the day and the time you knew you believed. I guess I could say it was when I was 16, but one could not see any fruit of that decision for nearly ten years.

As far as church, we attend a home fellowship. Our group has grown immensely in the past few months so we no longer fit in a home. I believe we are ready for a split (or two) so we can get back to the intimacy of a home gathering. The men are the spiritual leaders in the family as well as the ones who teach on Sunday mornings. There is no separate Sunday School time or nursery for the children, so as a family we worship together, learn together, and pray together.

Our group always shares a meal together at the end of our worship time. The time of fellowship is a time where we can get to know one another on a more personal level. It has been wonderful for our family.

Why do you buy pop and candy and hide it from us Queen Mother?--Squire

Because I'm the mom, that's why.

I'll post more questions and answers tomorrow. Stay tuned....


  1. I love visiting your church. It's sad to consider a split, but I understand the logistics. We're planning a visit for sometime this spring, because we miss you all!

    Say, "Hi" to everyone for me!

  2. Hi Michelle!

    *Gosh I am sure it was good fun reading like a madwoman...but I am gald you are back!

    I loved your comment about the Kings "questions" hub does EXACTLY the same thing and it drives me crazy....I feel like he is too lazy and just asks the question to get me to thnk about it before he actually tries to solve it himself we don't have enough insane details in our heads, only the location of ALL of our kids socks...Funny to hear I am not the only one with that pet peeve!!!

  3. I buy candy and hide it from my kids so I can eat it all.....selfish huh....and it's not so good for my waistline either! No really, I quit doing that a long time ago.


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