Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ron Paul

Last night we picked up the King's Twin and family, loaded up our home school bus, and headed off to see Dr. Ron Paul.
You wouldn't believe the excitement in all of the children's voices as they spotted hundreds of Ron Paul signs and bumper stickers as we neared our destination. Why? You see, King's Twin (sitting to the right in the tan shirt) had long ago offered $1.00 for Ron Paul paraphernalia sightings.
I proudly earned a buck before he changed the rule to "only person's under 18". Then another rule was added, the sightings had to be verified by someone, uh, verifiable. Our children had visions of dollar bills packing their wallets. Their dreams were squelched as King's Twin informed them he would not be paying out. Sightings at a Ron Paul rally did not count.
Oh well, we all had fun anyway. How could we not? We were surrounded by fellow Ron Paul supporters. As you can see, Prince Charming loved the rally.
Best of all, we were able to see Dr. Ron Paul in person. But the fun didn't stop there. As we left the rally, we had the pleasure of watching The King honk the horn at person's holding Ron Paul signs while the King's Twin shouted out the window, "Go Ron Paul!" The bonus had to be the children at the back of our bus chanting, "What do we want? DQ. Who do we want? Ron Paul. What do we want? DQ. Who do we want? Ron Paul." Their persistent chants did not pay off. The King and King's Twin had decided. There would be no ice cream stop on the way home. But Sir Oh did not let that get him down. Instead, he enjoyed a little snooze on his big cousin's shoulder. Who needs ice cream when you have a Jester sitting close by?

This talented young man, Eric Richards, performed this song at the rally. I just had to share. Enjoy!


  1. Michelle,
    Loved your description of the night. We had a ball with all of you.


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