Thursday, February 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Grandmother Goddess of the Garden last week. She said she tagged me (and the others) for "the pure enjoyment of reading their blogs". That made me smile!

Here goes:


Share five random things about myself.

Share five places that I want to see or want to see again.

1. I floss every morning. I'd rather be late than to skip flossing. (The King would rather I skip flossing than to be late.)
2. I don't like to travel without a package of Red Vines licorice. (The King doesn't understand, but then he rarely travels without a cup of coffee.)
3. I brew my own Kombucha tea. (The King's favorite summertime drink.)
4. Massages make me tense. I don't like all. (The King, on the other hand, adores massages and can't relate.)
5. I absolutely cannot go to sleep at night without a fresh coat of Burt's Bees on my lips. I panic if my tube is 'missing'. (Really, just ask The King.)

1. India (The King went without me.)
2. Italy (He'd better not go here without me.)
3. Norway (Or here.)
4. Niagra Falls (Or here.)
5. Trinidad (Especially not here.)

I'm supposed to tag five people and tell why I tagged, if you are reading this, consider yourself tagged...because I want to know more about you too. Let me know if you do this!


  1. Those are some quirky things.....although I love Red Vine licorice and Burt's Bee lip care.

  2. Glad I made you smile! I hate massages also! Strangers touching me in that manner freaks me out...I thought I was alone...we are kindred spirits!

  3. These were fun to read Michelle.


  4. I have to travel with red vines to. How funny.

    I can't believe you floss every morning. Now that is impressive.

    I loved the pictures at the Ron Paul Rally. Looked like lots of fun.

    Have a great weekend,

  5. wow i did not my mom did that well i did know she liked red licorice


  6. Squire,
    I think we need to work on your writing skills.


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