Monday, December 17, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood

Last month, my sister in law and I loaded up my van and took our kids to a children's production of Little Red Riding Hood. It was a great play, and a treat to do something special with cousins on a "school" day.
Duchess and cousin Countess before the show. My sister in law and Sir Oh.
Maiden and I. Did you notice our matching double chins?
Not knowing if this production of "Little Red Riding Hood" would have the wolf eating Grandma, I tried to prepare the girls for the possiblity. Maiden decided the play was going to be scary and when we were getting ready to leave, she came out of her room with her sleeping mask. When I told her she didn't need to take it with, she replied, "Yes I do, I will wear it if I get scared of the wolf." I wish I had a video of her reaction to one part in the play. She pulled down the mask because she thought she was going to be scared, but kept putting it up, pulling it down, up, down, up, down...she couldn't decide if she should watch or not.
The boys. Scribe, Sir Eee, Squire, and Sir Tee. See my sister in law in the background? She is showing Maiden how she will react if she gets scared of the wolf.
Here are the girls with Red Riding Hood. Maiden is making sure the wolf is no where near.

Here is the gang, minus Sir Eee. Even Maiden decided the wolf wasn't all bad. After all, he didn't eat anyone.
Little Pink Riding Boots, or Duchess, just a short time after getting home. A day at the theater can really wear a person out.


  1. What a fun time with our royal cousins. We are so blessed to rub shoulders with the elite :). Then you honor us as blog characters. Too neat. Thanks Auntie Shell!

    the sister-in-law

  2. What a great trip!! I wanted to go to the Sound of Music, but decided that I would probably go into labor on the day of the production if I bought tickets. Hmmm... Perhaps I should buy tickets!! Maybe that'd work. (?)

    (I love your double chins -- at least you HAVE chins!! Sigh....)

    Blessings, Beckie :o)

  3. your royal subjectsDecember 18, 2007 at 4:18 PM

    i really liked that play so did scribe becase after the play was over the royal cousins scribe and i went to royal mcdonalds and we got royal big macs and after we got to the royal catsle i could barley move same with scribe yours truley, sqire, scribe and the royal cousins


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