Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I may have spoken too soon....

On Friday Scribe made a new batch of bread. Apparently his teacher forgot to mention a very important tidbit of information. Make sure you use the dough hooks in the mixer. You MUST use the dough hooks. Always use the dough hooks when making bread dough.

I was so concerned with safety and making sure he kept the lid on the mixer, that I must not have emphasized enough he use the right mixing tool. My Kitchenetics has a dough hook, a French whisk, and a thick batter/thin cookie dough whip. I had been the last person to use the mixer and left the thick batter attachment in the bowl. He just used that.

A loud clunking from my mixer led me to the kitchen. "Mom, some thing is wrong with the mixer. The bowl (which should be locked into place) is spinning too." I gasped when I saw the thick batter whips. "Is it bad?" he asked. Shrugging my shoulders, I picked up the base of my machine up and gave it a shake. The sound of rattling plastic led me to believe it could be broken. Yep, it was bad.

I called the company to see if it could be repaired. How bad is it? Here are my options:

Repairing the motor base of the machine: $250.00

Purchasing a new motor base: $250.00

New thick batter whips (which now need to be replaced): $39.00

New model trade: $399.00 -$50.00 credit for old machine= $349.00

Switching to a Bosch (best price on Internet/free shipping) $349.99

Seeing my 9 year old serve "his" bread to guests: Priceless

I guess you could say that our last two loaves of bread cost somewhere between $289.00 and $349.00. (Painful smile.) So until I can decide what I should do, I think Scribe will have to learn the art of hand kneading.


  1. Michelle

    I am so sorry that your mixer went belly up. Drats!

    I pray that God supplies you with a new one and that you be pleasantly surprised by his care and love for you!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  2. oh no! Poor Scribe! And poor Scribe's momma!

    I like Kimmie's idea of God providing a new one some how, some way. May it be so! :)

  3. Awww... Bummer about the mixer. Hmmm... Shall we say Amish bread?

    Blessings, Beckie :o)


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