Saturday, September 29, 2007

Indoor Pool Removed

Our waterproofing in the basement is finally complete.

No more indoor pool.

No more musty smell.

No more moldy storage.

Isn't this a beautiful sight? It's my new sump pump. I think The King is trying to figure out how he could trick me into believing this waterproofing is my 20th wedding anniversary gift. Our anniversary is coming up in November.

This green stuff will keep the walls dry. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad anniversary gift...for some women. But not for me. I am a high maintenance woman. I have higher expectations. I am holding out for .....

Cement. A new floor.

I told you I was high maintenance.


  1. Aw - come on. :) Christmas is so close!! You could waterproofing for your anniversary and cement for Christmas! **wink**

  2. I would hold out for cement too...and then maybe some kind of flooring since it is waterproofed now!

  3. Ha ha :)! Why not? You are married to the king ;).

  4. Thank you for the fabulous comment on adoption you left on my blog! I will write it down somewhere and keep it!

  5. Awww, the sweetness of a dry basement. Our last house had a river that ran through the basement. So, we too had to install the beloved sump pump.

    Do you also use a dehumidifier? We have one in our old house now that runs 24/7, it's amazing what that thing can do.

    I would hold out for the concrete for the wedding anniversary, I think the appointed gift for 20 years is concrete anway right?

  6. TWENTY YEARS?? We will be married 11 years in November.

    I think 20 years deserves... hmmm... A dry basement, cement, a new floor, AND a new loveseat (for the new family room he is going to finish for you). *smile*

    Enjoy your new sump pump!! (Why do they have to make it sound so gross? Sump pump... It just sounds yucky.)

    Blessings, Beckie :o)


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