Sunday, August 12, 2007

Saturday's Surprise

We had a rain storm Friday night. Our ash tree was destroyed in the wind. It fell into one of our pines and was blocking the driveway. What our photos don't show is the damage it did to the pine tree. I will have to take some photos of that and post them later.
We did not have the equipment needed to get the tree down. We had to call in for back up.
Here is Neighbor Guy and The King watching Tree Removal Guy riding up in his boom truck. They were pretty impressed with his saws and other Tree Guy tools.

Once the tree was down, there was a lot more cutting and clean up to do. This is Jouster and Duchess working hard. Jouster was not impressed that he had to work all day at home in 90+ degree heat and humidity and THEN have to work all night at Culver's.
(I think there are child labor laws that protect children like him.)
Here is The King. We had a big fire burning most of the day.
Neighbor Guy helped out with his four wheeler. He went home and put his snow plow on to push branches to the fire. He recently had quadruple bypass so The King had to remind him to take it easy. This was his version of taking it easy. He worked all day with The King.

Jester wanted everyone to know he was injured during clean up. Poor baby.

Tree Guy left this until Monday when he will cut it down and chip out the stump.

This is what our tree looked like at the end of the day. A pile of ash. Once an ash, always an ash. (Is that a pun? Or a really funny joke?)

We took full advantage of the fire. We used our dutch oven and made chicken and sweet corn for supper in the coals. Yum!


  1. Wait a second! Is that part of the fairy tale or did you really make supper in the ashes of the ash?

    (Tell Jester those are awesome manly scratches.)

  2. So sorry about your tree. But, supper on an open fire sounds wonderful!

  3. Wow, you really did have some wind with the storm! It sure didn't take you long to get it all cleaned up.

  4. Michelle,

    Goodness how wind can damage things. Sorry that your beautiful tree was damaged.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice compliment.

    You asked a couple of questions abut my menu, and I replied in my comments, but I thought I would stop by here and post so you wouldn't miss them.

    I've heard cooking clubs can be fun. I've only had Once a Month cooking sprees with my oldest dd and/or a friend of mine.

    Do I srictly adhere to my meals on the days I place them? No, there are days that either someone has used something, we may just not be in the mood for something and I will switch around meals when this happend.

    As far as a mess on the calendar. Not really, as I use a pencil with a good eraser.

    I also forgot to mention that when I do make a new recipe, I will make a note beside the title of it in the recipe book itself with a check mark for a make again recipe or I will put an X beside it meaning we did not like it. This helps me to not have to remember if I've made something before or if we liked it or not.

  5. Poor tree... :(

    How ya doin? Hope all is well.



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