Saturday, August 11, 2007

I'll Have None of That!

My husband has blessed me by hiring someone to clean for me. She comes on Wednesdays, cleans the bathroom, dusts, vacuums, and mops all the floors. Tuesdays has become the day the house needs to be thoroughly tidied so when Cleaner Girl comes, she can whip through the house in record time.

One Tuesday afternoon, Squire and Scribe had been sent to their room to clean. They had been there for a few hours. Supper had been prepared and the rest of the family was waiting for them at the table. The King went up to tell them to come down to eat. Then we heard it, The King was upset. Squire and Scribe had not done as they were told. Disciplinary action took place. The boys came to the table sniffling.

Duchess just sat there. She did not say a word during the entire meal. She quickly finished her meal, took her dishes to the kitchen and disappeared. (Which was odd because she is usually one of the last ones done...and she didn't ask to be excused like she normally would.)

The rest of the family was still eating when we heard the hum of the vacuum cleaner. This is what we found:

Duchess in her room vacuuming. She had picked up her room (putting everything on the dresser) and started to vacuum.
We had to chuckle. She probably thought she was next in the discipline line. She was not taking any chances, she wanted none of that!

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