Thursday, August 16, 2007

County Fair

I took the five youngest children to our County Fair this morning. Weekday mornings admission is free. Kids 12 and under are always free, but I would have had to pay $5.00. I couldn't resist the free admission, so I went as a single parent. The King was out of town. He missed all the fun.

When we got there the promise stage had an exotic animal production going on. The kids loved it. They got to see a tortoise, parrot, python, chinchilla, an African fox, and others. At the end of the show, the kids were able check out a 'feel and touch' table. Maiden thought it would be fun to touch the rat on display:

Scribe held an African Hissing Cockroach:

Our next stop was the butterfly exhibit. Everyone who entered was given a butterfly feeding stick to attract them for a close up view...Squire and this butterfly became fast friends:

Duchess had one who would not leave her alone. She kept trying to shake it off her shoulder. Maiden helped her out by giving it a good smack. (I think he survived. I didn't see any dead ones when we left.)

Prince Charming fell asleep in this position:He slept through lunch. I'm glad, it was hectic. Everything we wanted to eat happened to be at different food stands. I was running from place to place getting cheese curds, corn dogs, gyros, etc. Here is Squire eating his cheese curds:
I had finally gotten all the children and myself our fried foods and then started looking for drinks. The root beer stand was a bit of a walk away from the last food stand. I had almost reached the drink stand when I looked back to check on Maiden. She was empty handed. "Where is your foot long corn dog?", I asked. She matter-of-factly answered, "I was thirsty. I didn't want it. I want pop." I frantically started looking around at the ledges of all the food stands. Raising my voice slightly (which turned a lot of heads our way) I asked, "Where did you lay it?" She did not respond. I looked in the nearest garbage can. My worst fears were realized. She had dumped it. "YOU THREW IT AWAY?" (A lot of people were now watching the drama.) I thought to myself, 'I had better get a picture of this for my blog, otherwise no one will believe me.' It's laying at the top of the can near a napkin. As you can see, only two bites had been taken from it. What a waste of five bucks. Well, maybe only $4.50 since she took two bites. It's a good thing I didn't have to pay admission.

I'll have you know that my reputation has been ruined. I am no longer looked at in society as "The Queen who has it all together". I am now known as the crazy woman who yells at her kids for throwing their food away and then runs to take a picture for proof.

Maiden got her pop. She was also trying to get me to let her go on rides at the Midway. At one point in the day she said to me, "I have a fever." (Holding her hand on her forehead.) "Only a ride will make me better."
We took in a magic show too. When asking for a volunteer from the audience, Duchess raised her hand, jumping up and down. "Pick me. Pick me." Magician said he had wanted an adult, but since she wanted to help so bad, she could come up. He started out by explaining that the silver box on the table was an heirloom. Something passed down to him. He kept stressing how special to him. Duchess had to put the green handkerchief in a bag and wave the magic wand.
Then he had her do something to the box and it fell apart. But the green handkerchief was inside. Everyone in the audience laughed. She was devastated. She came running to me and buried her head in my shoulder. I had to explain it was just a trick and the box was supposed to fall apart. She thought she broke it. It took her awhile to get over that trauma. I don't think she'll ever volunteer at a magic show again.

I lost Scribe for a while. I found him at the midway. He played the sledgehammer game and won this great blow up hammer toy. Just what a decluttering mom wants laying around her house. Duchess was so excited for him. Do you see her boots? She HAD to wear her "cow boots" to the fair because she was going to see cows and horses.

We ended the day at the commercial building. We ran into a lady we used to go to church with. Maiden was born on her birthday. She kept telling me all through my pregnancy she would give the baby money if we had it on her birthday. She gave Maiden $200.00! We hardly knew her at the time, but she has adopted Maiden as her special little friend. She even calls Maiden on her birthday to chat. We had not seen her since Christmas and I was surprised to see Maiden run up to her and give her a big hug. (That was a random paragraph--totally off topic--sorry.)

While at the commercial building collecting freebies, Maiden did not get a new Bible like all the other children. Duchess took it upon herself to find the man handing them out. I asked her which booth he was in. She didn't know for sure, but she told me, "He's the white guy." (That one made me laugh since all of the guys were white.)

All in all it was a fun day, but it was a little hard on me keeping track of all the kids. I lost Squire twice, Scribe three times, Duchess eight or ten times--I lost count, Maiden twice, and Prince Charming once. (I did find them all and we are now all home safely.) Needless to say, I was absolutely exhausted by the time I got home.

Note to self: A 5:1 children to adult ratio at the county fair is not a good idea.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day despite losing your "have it together" reputation :) That story made me laugh! Well, only because it wasn't my $5. he he :)

    I sometimes think 2:1 is not high enough! You did great!

  2. You are one brave woman taking 5 kids by yourself to the county fair!

    Did people stare at you while you were taking a picture of the corn dog in the garbage? (They were probably just saying in their heads...oh no, another blogger!)

    Sound like you and the kids had a great time...that's what important!

  3. I agree with frazzled farm wife-you are brave!

    "Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her." Proverbs 31:28

    But I would have to say Scribe is very brave for holding a hissing cockroach! Ugh!


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