Saturday, July 7, 2007


Here is Duchess hiking around Devil's Tower. Doesn't she look like a tourist? Camera bag on one shoulder, purse on the other. I had to laugh when I saw this photo of her...the sunglasses on crooked, the piggy tale off center.

We tried to talk her out of making the 1.3 mile trek. We had forgotten to pack her sneakers in the camper so she was wearing a pair of sandals. She told us she could do it. "My feet won't hurt, I won't get tired. Please let me go!" How could we say no to that? She joyfully went onward while I stayed back with Maiden and Prince Charming. The King said she never once complained or fell behind. When she finished the hike she was beaming with pride.

The next day we bought her a new pair of shoes for hiking. After walking for most of the day, she looked up at me and whispered; "Thank’s for my new shoes. They are sooooo comferble. My feet kind of hurt at Devil's Tower, but that's o.k., they don't hurt now."

She makes my heart sing.

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  1. I wouldn't have had any doubt that she would have made the hike....she has so much energy!


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