Sunday, July 8, 2007


Can you tell who Squire and Scribe are acting out? Here's a clue:
They had a blast at the Crazy Horse Monument. (No pun intended.)


  1. Crazy Horse is awesome isn't it??!! Chad's uncle has gotten us up on the arm several is so great up there. It's true about knowing people in the right places. We saw the light show in the evening one time too...awesome....did you get to see that?

  2. Wow! looks like a great place to visit!


  3. Hey, I am checking our your blog since Frazzled Farm Wife asked! :)

    Looks like you have a great family and I can't wait to learn more about you.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I'm coming to your blog from Frazzled Farm Wife. I would like to welcome you to the world of blogging.
    I sure have enjoyed blogging and making lots of new friends.
    You are more than welcome to come over and visit my blog too.

    What fun to play charades. I like that game.


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