Tuesday, July 17, 2007


The Royal garden is producing. Totally organic!
Jouster and Jester picked beans (a lot more than shown).

Jester, Squire, Scribe, Duchess, and Maiden cleaned, cut, and snapped the beans. I overheard a discussion about child labor laws. Our Kingdom had heard of no such laws. (Yes, you are seeing right. All the children are playing, uh, working with knives.)

Duchess did not tire of the process. She stuck with it until the end. She actually enjoys working with mom.

She packed the jars and added salt. She was so proud of her work. I kept hearing, "Please, can I do it?"

Our first day of canning beans yielded 14 quarts. Our goal is 100 quarts.

I am having a little problem with the water escaping my jars. I think it's because I am having a hard time regulating the pressure.

I should get the hang of it by the time we are finished. 86 to go!


  1. Wow, it's a good thing you got all that help! Only 86 more to go....86 more that I will put up. I don't usually can much...just some salsa.

  2. Wow! Rabbits could get full at your garden and you would still have some left over! LOL

    We just have tomatoes this year in our little garden. Not quite enough afternoon sun and three very hungry rabbits have made it a bit discouraging. Next year we will plant flowers. :)

  3. Oh yummy Michelle!!! I love garden beans.


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