Sunday, June 24, 2007

Royal Visit

The King decreed the time had come for the Royal Family to visit the Duke of Pierre (The Queen's father).

We left home yesterday for our family vacation. We had planned to make it all the way to my dad's house in Pierre, but due to a late start, and numerous stops for gas, we made it as far as Miller. This is our first big trip with our camper and were slightly disappointed to find we only got 7-7.5 mpg. We were hoping for eight.

Today we arrive in Pierre to meet up with dad and Ronda, and will caravan out to the Black Hills. We will be staying in Spearfish. Hopefully the mosquitoes are not as ferocious as they were when we set up camp last night.

Both the King and I love South Dakota. Even though we've been away for sixteen years, we will always be South Dakotan's at heart.


  1. Wow, blogging at 3am! How are Jouster and Prince Charming doing? And all the other royal offspring?

    Looking forward to hearing about the caravan adventures, and seeing pictures!

    Today is our 31st wedding anniversary. That is a hint as to who is blogging!

  2. I sure have missed you being in South Dakota...Was great to see you in Spearfish. Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!


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